Baby Cradle Bedding Sets

Baby Cradle Bedding Sets At a Glance

You baby certainly need a comfortable cradle. But the question is, what are baby cradle bedding sets and their parts. Of course, your baby needs a complete set, not only for the comfort but also for the style and looks. Give a stunning look to the baby bedroom by putting a set of baby cradle with its bedding components. The baby bedding sets are designed to fit the standard baby cradles, namely 18” x 36”, despite some varieties according to the manufacturer.

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Components of Baby Cradle Bedding Sets

Must-have components of a baby cradle bedding set include a comforter, a bumper and a sheet. However, the sets available on the market vary widely. You can also find baby cradle with bed skirts.

  • The component protects the mattress. The most common types are flat sheets and fitted sheets. Fitted sheets usually come with an elastic hem to wrap the mattress around. It is easy to put on and to take off for laundry. Sometimes, the flat sheets are called simply pad covers. Besides protecting the mattress, the sheets also provide added comfort for the baby.
  • Just like the general blanket, this bedding component is a soft fabric that keeps the baby warm.
  • A bumper. This protects the baby’s heads from banging against the cradle. It serves like a padding to ensure added comfort.
  • Bed skirts. Not all baby cradle set has this. Skirts offer added style to the baby cradle bedding sets. The skirts also protect and hide the storage under the crib. The bed skirts commonly come in pleated or ruffled styles.
  • Pillow cases. It refers to fabrics that covers the baby pillows and bolsters.

Baby cradle bedding sets commonly come in baby-specific styles. The most popular colors is soft pink for baby girls and soft blue for baby boys. The patterns may vary from flowers, polka dots, dolls, movie-inspired characters, and many more.  The most favorite materials used for baby bedding include flannel, cotton, polyester, jersey, percale, fleece, and many more.

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