boys bed-in-a-bag sets

Boys Bed-in-a-Bag Set Tips

Actually, choosing a bed set for boys’ bedroom is not as complicated as choosing one for the main bedroom. However, remember that durability is the most important aspect to consider when buying boys bed-in-a-bag sets. You can never be able to guess what they do in their bedroom. They can bring foods and beverages, and let the sprinkles on the bed. Or, they may stain the bed with coloring pencils. As a result, the bed set must be able to withstand countless runs through the washing machine.

Tips for Buying Boys Bed-in-a-Bag Sets

Moms… when your boy is still too young to choose their bed linens, the decision is in your hands. The following tips may help you decide the best boys bed-in-a-bag sets:

Fabric Options

Some fabrics are known for durability and anti-wrinkle properties. However, your kids need soft bedding too to avoid irritation. Recommended fabrics for kids bed sheets include:

  • Egyptian cotton despite expensive price
  • Flannel can be a choice too, but make sure that its quality is four ounces or more.
  • Percale is great, as it is resistant to wrinkles. However, it should be made with minimum 180 thread counts.

Theme Options

Actually, there is strict rule in choosing themes for the boys’ bedroom. Little boys surely love themes like transportation facilities, heroic movies, cartoon characters, animal characters like dinosaurs, under-the-sea theme, cowboys, and many more. Geometric patterns also work for the boys’ bedroom. However, make sure to coordinate the color option with the room décor.

Color Tones

Actually, you do not need to be too rigid about the color tones of the boys bed-in-a-bag sets. Any color tones will be great to be combined with monochromatic room scheme. This creates a good-looking contrast. Red, blue, or green are the most favorite tones for the boys’ bedroom.

Finally, if your boys are older enough, you can involve them in choosing the favorite themes and color. Therefore, they will be happier with the results.

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