Day Bed Comforter Set

Buying Day Bed Comforter Set

Do you have a daybed in your house? Modern people love it, thanks to its functionality. You can use it as a sofa during the day or a bad for napping. Some families even use daybed as a real bed in the night. So, having a day bed comforter set can be wonderful. Of course, choosing a daybed comforter is slightly different from choosing a comforter for master or kids’ bedroom. Here are some tips for you.


How to Buy Day Bed Comforter Set

Daybed can be a space-saver or a space-filler solution. As a space saver, a single bed can be used for both lounging and sleeping. As space filler, daybed can be wonderful filler for spare space in your house, whether it is in the family room or bedroom. The following are some tips for you to buy day bed comforter set:


Daybeds mostly come in twin-size. They commonly use the regular twin-size mattresses, except that you have a custom daybed. Therefore, you can buy regular twin-size bed comforter sets to fit daybed. The same case applies for the pillows and shams.

Style and Designs

You can easily adjust the bedding style with the room décor themes. However, you may need to pay attention to the bed set designs. Make sure to consider the following conditions:

  • If the daybed is primarily used for sitting or lounging, a fitted sheet with tailored look may be enough. Bed skirt is optional. You can use it to hide the lower mattress or drawer underneath the daybed.
  • If the daybed is used primarily for sleep, a day bed comforter set is wonderful. Choose one with a soft comforter, fitted sheet, ruffled skirts, and pillowcases or shams.

However, if it is used for both sitting and sleeping, pay extra attention to the bedding fabrics. Choose one made of highly durable and machine washable materials. You will need to clean the day bed comforter set frequently as sprinkles of snacks or liquid spill can stain the bed sheet.

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