dinosaur bed set

Characteristics of Dinosaur Bed Set

Nothing beats dinosaurs when it comes to teaching the kids about the prehistoric animals. Of course, they will never see the animal in the real world. However, you can turn the kids’ bedroom into beautiful prehistoric landscape by applying dinosaur bed set. The theme is wonderful for nursery room to toddlers’ bedroom. In fact, some pre-school kids still love the patterns, particularly when they begin to learn about the animals at the pre-school class.

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Features of Dinosaur Bed Set

Actually, it is not difficult to find a dinosaur bed set to beautify the kids’ bedroom or the nursery. However, you may need to choose from some styles available from different providers, including:

Dinosaur Appliqués

Few animal patterns can be appliquéd onto the bed set. Dinosaur pattern is one of the few. Dinosaur features large but simple patterns. Therefore, appliquéing the pattern can be a simple task. Dinosaur bed set with appliqué techniques is unique. So Mom… you can give some exclusive flair to the toddlers’ bedroom with pre-historic theme.

Dinosaur Prints

These are the most commonly found on the market right now, thanks to a simpler manufacturing process. Despite lack of unique values, you can  beautify the kids’ bedroom with rich patterns and colors featuring dinosaurs and Jurassic World themes. The resulting patterns and tones are richer than those resulting from appliqué technique are. They range from Jurassic Park movie theme, the Lost World theme, or simply T-Rex or dinosaur species-inspired themes.

What’s Inside

Actually, what you find in the dinosaur bed set is similar to those in any other bed sets. They mostly include a fitted bed sheet for standard queen, single, or twin mattress. A comforter or duvet cover may come in reversible or irreversible design. Then, you will also find standard-size pillowcases and/or shams.

Finally, the most favorite fabrics for baby and toddlers’ bedroom include 100% cotton or poly-cotton fabrics. More importantly, do not forget to check the thread count, as it significantly determines the softness and warmth of the bedding. Choose a dinosaur bed set with thread count of at least 200.

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