Down Comforter Guide

Down Comforter Guide & Tips

The way you choose the bedding items affects sleeping quality.  One of the important items is the comforter, which keeps you warm when the winter comes. Of course, you need to take some affects into account. Down comforter guide helps you in making the right decision, since it guides you to choose one based on your own criteria. They may include warmth, size, thread counts, and designs.

Most Important Down Comforter Guide


Warmth is commonly determined by the fill power. They vary from extra light to ultra heavy weight.  For people living in warm climate, a light down comforter filled with power of 500 or 550 is a good choice. For those who live in the cold place, down comforter filled with power of 700 and more is the one you need.

Fill power describes the quality of down. The higher count of fill power means the cluster of down is larger. Large cluster guarantee good insulation and better breathability. It also makes the down last longer. During the winter months, you may consider adding a featherbed to your bedding.


Another down comforter guide is choosing the right size.  Basically, down comforters are designed to fit standard-size beds, such as twin, queen, king, Olympic queen, double, or California kings.  But, it is better for you to buy down comforter that is larger than your mattress size if you have a “disturbing” partner on your bed. A larger comforter will provide extra length and width for extra coziness and warmth.

Thread Count

A good down comforter usually has 400 thread counts or more. It is not necessary to have high thread count since down comforter commonly require a cover that will protect it from stains.

Design and budget are also important aspects of down comforter guide.  Choose the comforter with box stitch pocket used for holding down or one with reversible and colorful design to make the bedroom stunning. Meanwhile, price is determined by quality. For instance, comforters made of pure white and hypoallergenic goose down is very expensive. If you only have limited budget, you can purchase a comforter made of the combination of down and feathers.

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