Extra Deep Pocket Sheets

Extra Deep Pocket Sheets Features

Today the way we sleep becomes our lifestyle. One of the items, which must be selected properly is pocket sheets. If you have mattress with pillow top, tight top, or euro top the regular sheets might not cover the mattress properly. Usually this kind of mattress is thicker than 14 inches. So, what is the solution?  If this problem of bedding comes to you, then extra deep pocket sheets are the solution.

Differentiating Extra Deep Pocket Sheets

One of the biggest questions about pocket sheets is the exact differences between standard and deep pockets. Commonly, pocket sheets are available in three depth levels, as follows:

  • Regular sheets, which range from 7 to 14 inches. They are usually made of varying materials, including sateen, cotton, and flannel since the depth of sheets is not influenced by the material used.
  • 15-inch sheets, categorized as deep pocket sheets
  • Extra deep pocket sheet, which measure from 16 to 22 inches. Extra deep pocket sheets are deeper than average pocket sheets.  Usually, the corners will stretch over thick mattress. Extra deep pocket sheet will fit to extra tall mattress. But, the regular high mattress with feather or foam tops may also need extra deep pocket sheets to cover it properly.

How to Choose the Pocket Sheets

You cannot determine the sheet size only by looking at the mattress.  If you want to determine whether to use deep or extra deep pocket sheets, you have to make sure the measurement of your mattress. You also have to check the height on the sheets in order to make sure that the sheets fit the mattress perfectly. Measure the distance from mattresses bottom to the straightedge by using a tape measure or yardstick.

Ordering the correct pocket sheets depth for your bedding item is very essential to keep the sheet fitted on the bed.  If you buy an extra deep pocket sheets for regular or standard sheets, it will absolutely be useless.

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