Flannel Bed Sheets

Top Tips Of Flannel Bed Sheets

Nothing is better than sleeping inside the warm blanket or bed made of perfect material or textile such as flannel bed sheets. Flannel can give you warmth and sometimes, this material is made for clothes as well. However, not many people can treat it better. If you can’t treat the bed sheet made of flannel better, then you can damage or ruin it. The fibers can break and it causes pilling. The bed sheetscan’t be used for long time once it is damaged.

How to Treat Flannel Bed Sheets

To prevent pilling for you flannel bed sheets, then you need to treat it better and you can do such things like:

·        How to wash

If you wash the flannel sheets with washing machine, then it is better to use the front load washer which is set horizontally. It is because this machine can be so gentle in washing the soft clothes compared to the top load washer. However, you need to launder it first before using this. Don’t forget to separate the sheets for both colored and white so the white ones can’t be contaminated with the colored sheets. You have to use cold water and you just need to add around ½ to 1 cup of vinegar to the mixed water with detergent if you wash it for the first time. If you wash it for the second time or more, then you can use mild detergent with cold or warm water. Make sure you don’t use the harsh detergents and also bleaching.

·       How to dry

When you want to dry them, make sure to hang them without tear it harder to remove the excess water. If you can’t hang it due to bad weather, then you can use dryer if you have but set it in the low heat. However, make sure not toover-drying it to keep the fibers.

When you know how to treat your flannel bed sheets better, then you can use it for long time without breaking the fibers at all.

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