Gender Neutral Baby Bedding

Things You Should Know About Gender Neutral Baby Bedding

Many first-time parents want their first baby a pure surprise. Therefore, they intentionally ask the obstetrician to keep their baby’s gender a secret. If you are one of them, gender neutral baby bedding is your choice. The same case applies if you want to send a gift to your relatives, friends, or colleague.


How to Choose Gender Neutral Baby Bedding

Of course, choosing a bed set that can be used for boys or girls’ bedroom may not an easy task.  The following are some aspects to consider in buying gender neutral baby bedding:


Avoid themes that are associated with certain gender. For instance, some themes like flowers and toys are commonly associated with girls, while themes like automotive or cars are more commonly used in boys’ bedroom. On the other hand, themes like jungle animals such as elephant, giraffe, dear, monkey, owl, or fox, ocean life such as dolphin or whale, as well as garden life such as leaves and trees are commonly considered gender neutral.


Similarly, colors like pink or purple are considered more girly, while colors like dark blue or red are more of boys. Try to avoid such tone when buying a set of gender neutral baby bedding. Choose neutral tones like soft blue, yellow, green, or red.


If you want to play safe with patterns, the most gender-neutral patterns for baby bedding is geometric patterns. The options are very wide, actually. They range from simply striped patterns, dots, polka dots, circular, rectangular, zigzag, chevron and many more. Girly themes like flowers can be gender neutral when they are put in boxes and arranged in a patchwork pattern.

Actually, gender neutral baby bedding saves you in many ways. If this is your first baby, you can still use the same bedding up to the second baby next time. So, playing save with the themes, tones, and patterns would benefit you.

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