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Infant Bedding Set Explained

First-time moms are often confused when choosing the infant bedding set that fits their needs. Actually, some infant bed sets often confused include bassinet, cradle, and crib. All of them are for infants. However, which one should you use first? Which one do you really need for your baby? How to choose the right bedding set for your baby? To answer these questions, you certainly need to understand the basic things about the baby bedding and things.

Most Common Types of Infant Bedding Set

As mentioned above, there are generally three types of infant bedding. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Before you buy one for your nursery room, let’s take a look at them:

  • Bassinet. This is the smallest type of baby sleeping box. Its structure looks like a basket with freestanding legs. This baby box is used from birth to about 4 months. It generally has fixed legs or casters. The bassinets are usually sold in a complete set, namely the sleeping box and the bedding item like mattress, blanket, pillows, pillowcases. Mostly, the bassinet is fully rapped with ruffled or pleated fabrics.
  • This infant bedding set looks like a bassinet, but it is usually larger in dimension. Therefore, it requires more space. Cradle is usually designed in fix frame but with the ability to glide or rock. Cradles are recommended for babies since birth to about one year. In other words, it takes more space while having longer economic use.
  • This infant bedding set is the largest of all. Some cribs have convertible designs, so, it may convert to toddler beds or even kid beds. Crib needs more space than cradle does and it is more expensive, but it can last for years.

The advantage of bassinet and cradle is that they take less space. However, your baby can only use them for few months. Then, you will need a bigger baby box. Therefore, if you have enough space in your house, crib is a better choice of infant bedding set, since you only need one throughout your kid’s infanthood.

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