Infant Crib Bedding Set

Definitions of Infant Crib Bedding Set

Indeed, there are many frequently confused terms related to baby. They include baby itself, newborn, infant, and toddler. But Mom… we are not talking about those terms here. Instead, we are talking about how you define infant crib bedding set, what you find in it, and how it serves your little one. Understanding the term means that your can choose the right product for your baby.


How Infant Crib Bedding Set Is Defined

The infant crib bedding set is literally defined as collection of bedding items used to cover an infant (technically defined as a baby from 2 months to 1 year) while in the crib. The bedding set to choose depends on the crib size and designs as well as the mattress thickness. The following are things mostly included in the crib bed set:

Must-Have Items

They include a crib sheet, a piece of soft fabric to cover the mattress. The most recommended sheet for the crib mattress is fitted one. It covers the mattress tightly, thus resulting in a soft and even mattress surface. In addition, a blanket or comforter keeps the baby warm while sleeping. However, scientists recommend using a blanket or comforter after the baby is two months or older. Then, there are also pillowcases. Actually, the baby does not need to use a pillow while sleeping. These can be used after your little one is few weeks.

Optional Items

  • A crib bumper. Not every infant crib bedding set has this. It serves as a padding to protect the baby against the crib wood.
  • Bed skirts. They serve both functionally and aesthetically. They hide the storage underneath the crib, while adding style to the crib.
  • Crib rail covers. They also serve functionally to protect the crib from teething marks as the baby is able to hold on the crib rail. Meanwhile, they add style to the nursery room.

That is basic information you need to know about infant crib bedding set. Understanding on the must-have and optional items in the set allows you to choose one that fits your needs and style.

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