Lambs and Ivy crib bedding

Lambs and Ivy Crib Bedding Explained

Nothing beats the joy of decorating the nursery room, right? Everything looks beautiful and cute for the baby. If you are looking for great ideas to splash up the feel in the nursery, collections of Lambs and Ivy crib bedding can be the choices. What makes them special is that they portray life in different setting, depending upon the season of the year. Made of 100% cotton fabrics, the crib sets will keep your baby comfortable during the day.

Ideas of Lambs and Ivy Crib Bedding

Whether you are looking for the low-cost printed bedding or the high-end quilted Lambs and Ivy crib bedding, you still can explore some ideas to accentuate the great life in nature. Here are some of them:

  • Snowy mountain themes. The bed sets feature snowman, snowy pines, the snow bear, snowflakes, and other items related to the life on snowy mountains. This theme is great for baby boys, as they are dominated by white, blue, grey, and brown tones.
  • Forest-inspired themes. They feature the life on summer or spring seasons. The ideas are centered around while wale corduroy trees, field of green boucle, textured leaves, owls, and related creature. This is actually gender neutral, despite being more popular for baby boys.
  • Spring-inspired themes. They include woodland couture, which is characterized by woodland animals like giraffe, beautiful butterflies, monkeys, owls, and some flowers. Sweet spring themes come in rich floral patterns for girls’ crib. Yes, flowers are everywhere.
  • Ocean-inspired themes. Lambs and Ivy crib bedding portrays the ocean life with cute underwater animal prints, like jellyfish, whales, small fish, seashell, and many more.

Just like any other collections, Lambs and Ivy crib bedding comes in different packages, from standard to complete ones. However, make sure to pay a close attention to the materials used for the bed sheet, batting, and fillers to make sure that they meet your baby’s needs.

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