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Matelasse Bedspreads : The Ultimate Convenience!

Hi Moms. You might not be familiar with the term Matelasse bedspreads. If you love the warm of quilted bedspreads, then make sure to learn about this type of French-style bedding. This is also a choice if you adore things that require craftsmanship. Matelasse is a French term for ‘quilted’. It means that the bedspreads made using this technique is cushioned, just giving some weight and warmth to the bedspreads.

Why Choosing Matelasse Bedspreads

You may wonder why you need Matelasse bedspreads in your house. There are some reasons to quote:

  • Timeless elegance as the bedding emits the timeless beauty in your bedroom. The matelasse prints vary in themes, from floral patterns, geometric and stripe patterns, to abstract ones.
  • Ideal for all sizes of bedroom. Matelasse patterns do not influence the color of bedding fabrics. Therefore, they suits small-space bedroom while giving the room with an elegant and airy feel.
  • Woven on jacquard looms. Unlike quilted coverlets, which are made using stitching technique, matelasse bedspreads are cushioned without stitching.
  • Varied themes. Matelasse patterns on the bedding are inspired from classic French history. Therefore, the idea may vary greatly, depending upon the historic moments you choose. Popular options include Historic Charleston Collection, Asian or European influence, and many more.
  • Warmth. Matelasse bedspreads are great to use during the cold months. The filling materials add to weight, textures, and warmth.
  • Fit any home décor. The bedspreads in Matelasse print can work and coordinate nicely with any home décor ideas. Unlike shabby chic patterns that are typically vintage, Metalesse prints do not limit your moving room. They work with modern-style bedroom or vintage-style bedroom.

Bedspreads made with Matelasse technique is a great idea to create an elegant bedroom with timeless beauty. They offer the ultimate convenience as you can spend the cold days with warm bedspreads.

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