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Top Nate Berkus Bedding Choices

Nate Berkus said that every room in your house shows the way you live. Therefore, he designs something more personal to suit modern life style. If you want to give simple but modern touch to your private room, Nate Berkus bedding sets are great options. Indeed, if you are a fan of bright colors combined with rich patterns, they may not fit you. However, you have so many other reasons to have ones in your house.


Best Picks of Nate Berkus Bedding

Reasons, colorful and rich-patterned bedding may not fit your bedroom. For instance, colorful bedding can make a small bedroom look cramped and full. Therefore, if you have small bedrooms in your house, soft tone and palette work better to provide an airy feel inside. In this case, Nate Berkus bedding is the answer you are looking for. Here are some of the best picks to choose:

  • Uniquely Stitched Bed Set. Instead of playing with motifs and patterns, Nate Berkus chooses to play with stitching technique, which certainly requires high-level craftsmanship. In addition, this technique is beneficial in many ways. Unique stitching techniques like pick stitch, or geometric stitch, crosshatch stitch, make the comforters look stylish while keeping the filler stable on all corners.
  • 300+ Thread Count Bed Sets. As discussed in other posts, thread count indicates the quality of bedding items. The more the thread used in making each square of the bedding item, the softer and the more durable it is. Nate Berkus bedding comes with high-end options. You can choose bed sets with 300 thread counts or more.
  • Geometric Patterns. Nate Berkus plays save with patterns. Most of the bedding items are gender neutral. Bed sets with patterns squares, patchworks, linear or chevron blocks are among the most popular items from the brand.

Nate Berkus bedding items are great options for modern but minimalist houses. They make the small room look and feel spacious, thanks to the soft tones.

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