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Olympic Queen Sheets Guide

Probably, you spend one third of your day on the bed sheets. That is why choosing the best sheet is very important. The first thing to consider is certainly the bed size. There are some sizes of bedding, including King, Queen, Single, or Twin. However, there may be some variations in them. For instance, Queen bed is different from Olympic Queen bed. If you have an Olympic queen bed, regular Queen sheets do not fit your bed. Therefore, Olympic Queen sheets are the answer.  

What to Consider When Buying Olympic Queen Sheets

If you have an Olympic Queen bed, make sure you choose a bed sheet that fits the sizes as well as the depth of your mattress. So, make sure to do the following things before making a decision:

  • Measure the Mattress Size. An Olympic Queen mattress (sometimes called Expanded Queen) is larger than the regular Queen mattress. This variant was first introduced into the market around 2006-2010. The mattress is 6-inches wider than the regular Queen, which usually measures 60-inch wide by 80-inch long. Meanwhile, an Olympic Queen mattress measures 66-inch by 80-inch long. Overall, the latter variant is 10% wider.
  • Measure the Mattress Depth. As discussed in a different post, depth of the mattress also influences the way you pick Olympic Queen sheets. If the depth is lower than 14 inches, then regular sheet is your choice. However, if it is more than 15-inch, then you need an extra deep pocket sheet.
  • Get the Right Bed Sheets. Finally, make sure that you buy Olympic Queen sheets. Make sure you buy one with Olympic Queen size. Perhaps, not all providers offer them.  

Olympic Queen is relatively popular for master bedroom. This is the choice for those who think that a King mattress is too large to fit the minimalistic bedroom. Even though Olympic Queen Sheets is not available in all bedding stores, finding one that fits your need is not a huge challenge.

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