Queen Bed Comforter Sets

Queen Bed Comforter Sets – What Is It?

When shopping for bedding items, you need to be familiar with some terms like pillows, blanket, bed covers, bed comforters, duvet covers, and many more. Learning them can be a little bit confusing. However, you need to know at least some of them to make sure that you buy the right items. Now, the discussion focuses on queen bed comforter sets. Bed comforters are often confused with blankets. Are they the same or different items?

What Are Queen Bed Comforter Sets

Bed comforter refers to a thick quilted and fluffy blanket that functions to keep you warm while sleeping. So, is it a blanket? Comforter typically functions as a blanket. Meanwhile, blanket is a more general term for bed covering. It is usually made of polyester, cotton, wool, or microfiber plush.

  • Comforters are usually stuffed with synthetic fibers. They are secured using quilting or stitching techniques, thus making sure the filling is evenly distributed. So, queen bed comforter sets represent the sizes.
  • Comforters usually come as bedding sets, along with pillow covers and bolster covers. Therefore, they make the bedroom looks nice, since the patterns and colors are well coordinated. This makes bedroom-decorating process easier.

How to Choose Queen Bed Comforter Sets

Choosing the right comforter is not so complicated. You just need to consider few aspects, particularly sizes and materials. Most comforters are made of microfibers, with varied quality. For the reason of comfort, you can choose ultra-soft, reversible microfibers with hypoallergenic features. In addition, make sure to pay attention to the stitching and weaving. 

What about the size? As described above, queen bed comforter sets are designed for queen-size beds. Queen-size beds commonly measures 60” x 80”. Therefore, make sure to choose bed comforters specially designed for your bed. Queen-size comforters typically measure 86” to 88” width and 96” to 100” lengths. So, the choice depends upon the thickness of your bed. Sewing quality and premium material ensure durability as well as comfort.

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