Scooby Doo Bed Set

Scooby Doo Bed Set Ideas

Scooby Doo is certainly one of the most popular cartoon characters among kids. Even though the characters is being scared of, many children love them. Perhaps, your kids want Scooby Doo the main theme in their bedroom. Replacing the bed set is the simplest way to transform the feel inside the bedroom. So, you need some ideas of Scooby Doo bed set. There are so many choices out there. Choosing one that fits your kids’ preference can be tricky.

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Wonderful Ideas of Scooby Doo Bed Set

Moms… this is the time to bring the magical as well as funny feel into the kids’ bedroom. Kids always love their favorite characters surrounding them wherever they are. So, the following are some great ideas of Scooby Doo bed set to consider:

  • For Boys’ Bedroom. Scoob is printed in his brown color, while the background colors can vary widely. For boys’ bedroom, choose bed set in combined colors of blue, white, and brown.
  • For girls’ bedroom. You can find bedding set in feminine color combinations like light purple, light pink, and brown.
  • For unisex bedroom. Neutral colors like light blue and brown, only Scoob on white background.
  • Scooby Doo bed set with baseball theme is great for sporty boys and girls.
  • Scooby Doo mystery machine bed is great as a crib bedding idea.

Furthermore, to complete the comical and funny atmosphere in the bedroom, choose Scooby Doo bed set that comes with complete items, like bed sheet, comforter, shams, and pillowcases. Some suppliers even offer the bed set with relevant décor items like wall hanging or window shade.

Finally, make sure to consider the aspects of comfort and cleaning when selecting the Scooby Doo bed set. Choose bedding items, which are made of machine washable materials. Note that kids often spill liquids on bed or eat snacks and spread the stains everywhere. So, the bed set should be made of high-quality materials to withstand frequent machine.

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