Teen Bed-In-A-Bag sets

Teen Bed-In-A-Bag Sets Reviews & Guide

Choosing a bed set for teen can be quite tricky. Teens are in the process of building their own personality and want to abandon any identities related to childhood. For instance, while little girls are often attributed to ‘pink,’ ‘doll’, or fairy stories, teen girls usually try to avoid these attributes. Likewise, when buying teen bed-in-a-bag sets for boys, they usually try to avoid attributes like robots, toy cars, or superheroes.

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Reviews and Guide to Choose Teen Bed-In-A-Bag sets

The following are some ideas to choose teen bed-in-a-bag sets that suit the characters of teen girls and boys:

  • Geometric Patterns, like squares, circles, triangles, or any other geometric patterns are gender-neutral. Both teen boys and girls will love them. The options range from simple geometric patterns to unique ones.
  • More subtle tone. Most teens avoid bright tones like red, pink, bright blue. Instead, the prefer more subtle tones like light blue, grey, black, light purple, aqua, light orange, or citrus tones.
  • Patchwork Patterns. These are great ideas of teen bed-in-a-bag sets. For instance, you can still choose bed sets in patchwork floral patterns. They look unique as well as stylish, as they combine motives and geometric patterns.
  • Line Patterns. This is another favorite pattern among teens as they are also gender-neutral. Stripe patterns that combine several line colors brings colorful touch into the bedroom without making it look too vibrant. Other alternatives include chevron patterns, zigzag, and many more.
  • Two-Tone teen bed-in-a-bag sets. Some teens also prefer plain bed sets. To avoid the bedroom being looked to bland, choose bed sets in two tones, for instance, blue pillowcases, white bed sheets, blue bed skirts and reversible white-and-blue comforter. Choose dark-and-light tone combinations.

Material quality is always necessary factor in choosing teen bed-in-a-bag sets. Teens do not want to be bothered by complicated caring and cleaning. Therefore, make sure to choose machine washable materials. Super-soft brushed microfibers or combined cotton with 100% polyester fills are great choice.

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