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Toile Bedding – What Is It?

Despite the popularity of modern-style bedding, classical designs like shabby chic still has its own place in the heart of modern people. Are you one of them? If you adore the calming sense brought about by the French country d├ęcor, then Toile bedding can be a great idea to splash up the look in the master bedroom. People love them since Toile prints bring the feeling of peace and restfulness. These are what you look for in the bedroom, right?

Definition and Features of Toile Bedding

Toile is actually a kind of French fabric, which means linen cotton. The fabric is usually printed in floral patterns. Therefore, Toile bedding brings the French country atmosphere into the bedroom while keeping it stylish and elegant. This is a great choice for those who love shabby chic patterns and traditional French style. The bedding style creates restful atmosphere in the bedroom. In general, the characteristics of Toile bedding are as follows:

  • Floral patterns. French country style is mostly represented by floral patterns, which come in various types. However, you can also get a bed set printed in country themes.
  • Soft palette. The most dominant tones include soft pink, blue, light green, yellow, cream, black, grey, navy blue, ivory, and white.
  • Vintage style. If you love modern look, this may not be the choice for you. However, if you adore the timeless beauty of flowers, this is yours.
  • Calming atmosphere. Get comfortable night sleep with premium and comfortable bedding with you. The floral patterns in soft palette create the feeling of peace.
  • Suitable for master bedroom in country cottage, lodge, pottery barn, or even your home.

The materials used for Toile bedding may vary, from 100% cotton, poly-cotton, percale, satin, and other fabric types. However, if comfort is your main concern, make sure to get one with more than 200 thread counts. Decorate your bedroom with high-quality Toile bedding.

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