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Total Bed Set Secrets

Sleep is a perfect time, in which the body restores the energy lost during the day. Therefore, sleep quality is certainly more important than sleep length. You need more than just a good mattress. The bedding, like bed sheet, pillows, and blankets, matters more. If you want to get comfortable night sleep, you need total bed set guide to prevent you from buying wrong bedding set for all bedrooms in your house.


Total Bed Set Guide: What Matters Most

Total bed set commonly includes at least a bed sheet, duvet cover/comforter, pillowcases, and/or sham covers. Some bed set comes with bed skirts. Complete bed set helps creating a harmonious feel in the bedroom. Instead of focusing only to the patterns and colors, you had better pay attention to the following aspects:

Thread Count

This refers to the amount of thread used to create one inch square of bed sheet on both vertical and horizontal sides. The more the thread counts, the softer and more comfortable the resulting bed sheet is. Soft and airy bed sheets are commonly made with 200 to 400 thread counts. However, luxurious bed sheets can be made with 500 to 1000 thread counts. They are usually made of sateen fabric and twill weaving technique.


Some weaving techniques are known in bedding technology. Premium bed sheets are commonly made with twill weaving technique. This is characterized by a diagonal line patterns that ensure durability and resistance to wrinkles.


Many people agree that sateen sheets are the best and most comfortable ones. They are lustrous, made of high thread counts, thus ensuring softness and comfort. Sateen bed sheets are made of cotton and natural fiber blend. Alternative materials used in premium bed sheets include polyester, percale, Egyptian cotton, and 100% cotton.

In conclusion, thread count, weaving techniques, and fabrics are three most important aspect to consider when buying total bed set. After ensuring these aspects, you can then consider patterns and colors, which suit your preferences.

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