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How Do Total Bed Sets Work?

After the busy day, you certainly want to the time in a restful retreat. A retreat that is outfitted in an elegant style must be a dream, right? You can transform the master bedroom into anything that makes you feel comfortable. One of the simplest ways is using total bed sets. What does it mean with a total bed set? It refers to bed sets that come with complete parts to bring harmony, style, and beauty into your bedroom. The complete bed sets are popular for master bedroom.


How Total Bed Sets Work for the Master Bedroom

When shopping for total bed sets, you will actually find some variations in what is included in the packages. Therefore, make sure to see the packages first. This is important to make sure that you are not buying the wrong items. The following are examples of complete 24-piece bed set:

  • 1 comforter; this serves as a blanket for sleep. It keeps you warm at night. During the day, the comforter serves as a bed cover that keeps the bedroom beautiful;
  • 2 shams; they are used for decorative pillows in the bedroom;
  • 2 Euro shams, which are larger than the ordinary shams
  • 1 bed skirt; it functions to hide the drawers or things underneath the mattress. The skirt also adds to the style of the bedroom, as it makes it look neat.
  • 4 decorative pillows
  • 1 flat sheet, which covers the mattress
  • 1 fitted sheet, which serves like a mattress case. It covers the mattress tightly
  • 4 windows curtains, which add to harmony in your bedroom
  • 4 tie backs, which are used to tie the curtains
  • 2 windows valances, which function decoratively above the curtains

Perhaps, not all items in the total bed sets are useful in your bedroom. For example, if your bedroom has only two windows, you certainly only need two window curtains. What do they mean? Make sure you know what you are buying and how you will use them. Therefore, you do not need to spend money for things that you do not need.

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