twin bed-in-a-bag set

How to Choose Twin Bed-In-A-Bag Set

Having twin kids in your family must be special joy. You can dress the little ones in a similar fashion. You can buy the same toys. What about the bedding? Buying twin bed-in-a-bag set can be a challenge. Both usually want to have one for each other. In fact, buying bed set for twin kids that sleep on a single bed is certainly different from buying one if they sleep on twin beds. The following tips may help you, Moms.

Guides in Buying Twin Bed-In-a-Bag Set

Before searching of online shops for twin bed-in-a-bag set, make sure you know what to buy Moms… Here are some tips for you:

Twin on a Single Bed

If you have twin boys or twin girls and they sleep on a single bed, your task may look easier, right? However, it is not always true. It is easy to find a queen or king-size bed sets with two pillows or shams. However, bed sets with two comforters are not usual. This can be a challenge when your twin kids are tugging the comforter while sleeping. If they are tuggers, you can try one of the following solutions:

  • A bed set with large comforter, which is enough to cover both kids while sleeping;
  • Scandinavian-style bed sets, which may come with two comforters in a single bag; or
  • Custom-made twin bed-in-a-bag set.

Twin on Twin Beds

If the twins sleep on two different beds, you also have some alternative ways to get the bed set. Firstly, get 2 single-size bed sets in similar motif, color, and patterns. Of course, you need to make sure that the shop has them. This works if your kids sleep on two beds or a double-decker bed.

However, if the twins sleep on a trundle bed, you can buy twin bed-in-a-bag set, which are specially design for trundle bed. Make sure that you buy standard-size bed to make it easier to find the bed set.

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