Zebra Bedding for Girls

Understanding Zebra Bedding For Girls

Zebra is identical with black and white stripes, right? These colors are commonly attributed to boys. However, you can actually get some nice options of zebra bedding for girls. Bed sets with zebra stripe prints are even suitable for teen girls, thanks to the playful atmosphere they bring into the bedroom. As long as you can choose the bedding creatively, the zebra bedding set will be able to spruce up the girls’ bedroom. Of course, mix and match are the keys.

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How to Choose Zebra Bedding for Girls

As mentioned above, zebra bedding for girls can work nicely if you are smart in mixing and matching it with the room interior. Here are things you need to understand:

Zebra Prints in Different Colors

Instead of choosing bed sets dominated by black and white stripes, you can choose zebra bedding in black and print stripes. Or, some suppliers offer them in the combination of black, pink, and white. Other options include zebra prints in dark and light purple stripes. In other words, when it comes to bedding option, zebra prints are not necessarily black and white.

Patchworked Designs

If zebra stripes are too much for you, you can choose a moderate version in patchwork designs. They look sassy, but still emphasize your love for the zebra animals. Choose bed comforter that feature combination of plain blocks and zebra-striped blocks. Patchwork zebra bed sets do not lose their jazzy and cool atmosphere, thanks to the vibrant colors and beautiful designs.

Match the Room Painting

Zebra bedding for girls add colors and volume to the bedroom. If the bedroom is small enough, make sure to paint the room in soft tones like white, soft pink or soft purple, These paintings work great for the zebra prints. Therefore, the room does not look cramped. However, if the bedroom is large enough, you can freely choose the zebra prints you are.

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